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Rental Conditions    

1.Delivery and Age
The tenant must have a domestic license or a valid international driving license for B, C group vehicles at the age of 22 years and at least 3 years. For other groups, a driving license of 28 years and at least 5 years is required.

2.Reservation Time
At least one day. Special rates apply for long leases.

The price includes insurance for automobile insurance, lubrication, maintenance, 7/24 roadside assistance, third party insurance (within the legal policy limits). 18% VAT (value added tax) is not included. The fuel belongs to the lessor. Chauffeur-driven service and interpreter are available upon request.

At the beginning of the rental, the total rent is collected in advance. The shortest rental period is 24 hours and the delay not exceeding 3 hours is calculated as 1 day.

All of our vehicles are automobile insurance. Outside of the normal boiler, tire splits, headlight and window breaks, spare wheel play, license and key loss are not covered by the insurance. If the tenant pays his / her insurance fund, he / she takes responsibility. In order for the insurance to be valid, the traffic accident data and alcohol report should be delivered to Interport Rent a Car within 48 hours, the accident is not completely defective, the accident is not under the influence of drugs - alcohol and it must be within the legal speed limits; otherwise, you are responsible for all damage using the vehicle. If the vehicle is stolen, the tenant is obliged to pay the rent up to the date when the vehicle is found in 45 days. However, valid identity and license is possible with the registration of the contract. Otherwise, the insurance is deemed to be invalid and the lessor is liable for all damage. In case of 100% driver defective damages, the driver is liable to pay the 200 Euro insurance exemption and the loss of the day when the vehicle is in service is not lost.

6.Airport Delivery and Dropout
Delivery and drop off from Izmir airport is free. One hour before the arrival of the plane mentioned in your reservation information, your vehicle is ready for your arrival at the domestic or international flights. your vehicle is delivered. For return; Half an hour before the return time specified in the rental contract, a friend from our company will wait in front of the departure terminal. Please go to the Departure terminal with your vehicle. Do not enter the car park. Please inform our company before or after your return time.

7.Traffic Fines
Traffic fines belong to the customer. If the vehicles are kept in traffic, this period is included in the rental period. Interport Rent a Car may change the type of vehicle specified in the Reservation without prior notice. Our vehicles cannot be taken abroad.
8. What is included in Car Rental Prices?
Unlimited Km use, automobile insurance, 7/24 road assistance, pick-up and drop off from the airport.

9. How Can Payment Be Made?
The car is received in advance at the start of the rental. The deposit can be made with a valid credit card.

10. What should be done in case of accident?
The traffic police should be reached from 154 without moving the vehicle. Traffic and alcohol reports and other vehicles involved in the accident should be photocopied and information should be given to Interport Rent a Car.

11. Can the car be used by another person?
In other vehicles to use the vehicle, such as renting the contract to sign the contract and a copy of the driver's license is required. Also; drivers must provide a minimum age of 22 years for groups B, C, D, and 28 years for other groups.



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